November 2021

November 2021 e-news

In this issue of businesshealth®, we hear from two female leaders who share insights on supporting female entrepreneurship and prioritizing the mental health and wellbeing of employees. On the disease front, we share new information about posttraumatic stress disorder and a rare disease, Pompe disease, and discuss how these illnesses impact employees and a healthy workplace.

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November 2021 / Vol. 17-2

Shannon Pestun: Working to Close the Entrepreneurial Gender Gap and Promoting Economic Reconciliation

“Shannon is a financial expert and entrepreneur who took notice of a gender gap in the financial system that inspired her to look for opportunities to close that gap and start two businesses that aim to make a difference for women and indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada.” Read More

The View from the Top: Anna Mittag – Senior Vice-President, Product and Services at LifeSpeak

“Based in Montreal, Anna shares both her professional and personal experience navigating the pandemic and prioritizing health and wellness. As a senior leader at Life Speak, an online learning platform that provides expert mental health education, she shares how the organization works to support their own employees’ health and wellbeing to achieve business success.” Read More

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and its Link to the COVID-19 Pandemic

“A traumatic life event can trigger a psychological response that negatively impacts day-to-day living. Although most traumatic events occur outside of the workplace, this disorder impacts an employee’s ability to cope while at work. In the past year, we’ve also seen that working from home itself has impacted employee mental health, leading to PTSD-like symptoms for some ” Read More

A Look at a Rare Disease: Pompe Disease

“Pompe disease is rare disease that afflicts a small number of Canadians each year yet is a debilitating illness that now has better forms of treatment than ever. For an employee with a rare disease such as Pompe or who is a caregiver of someone with a rare disease, support is everything and employers have a role to play in supporting access to care and inclusivity in the workplace.” Read More

Doctor On Call with Dr. Charles Kassardjian

“Charles Kassardijian works with patients diagnosed with Pompe disease and understands the day-to-day challenges for those individuals. He shares the patient perspective and provides guidance on how proper support and treatment can improve outcomes for those with Pompe disease.” Read More