Winter 2022

Winter 2022 Issue

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Winter 2022 / Vol. 17-3

In this issue of businesshealth®, we focus on two areas that provide a continuing and synergistic value for employers – a sustainable hybrid workplace and a diverse and inclusive workforce. We will hear perspectives from both the energy and technology sectors as well as through the broader lens of KPMG, as we share their guide for building a hybrid workplace. Lastly, we delve into the topic of diabetes management and the role of technology in improving care across geographical locations. Importantly, we hear from a pharmacist, who plays a critical role in helping people manage their diabetes in smaller and more rural settings.


Editorial: Rachel Wade Manager of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Culture & Engagement at Parkland Fuel Founder & President at Including You Consulting

“Rachel Wade has championed diversity and inclusion efforts in the business world for over 8 years and it’s clear that she has a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject. She graciously sat down with us to share her advice for companies looking to start on their journey towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. ” Read More

View from the Top: Thinkific: Making the Hybrid Workplace Work

“Dalena Nguyen is the Senior Talent Branding Specialist at Thinkific. She is passionate about people, building connections, and genuine engagement, both online and offline. In her current role, she has the joy of sharing the story of the impactful work being done by Thinkific and its team of Thinkers, advocating for diverse programs to reach more amazing people, and showcasing the team’s award winning culture” Read More

The Bottom Line: Making A Hybrid Workplace Model Work For You

“In early 2020, the pandemic forced companies to hastily cobble together a remote workforce plan for the health and safety of their employees and the community. Much has changed since those early days, and many companies are in the midst of considering what the future holds for their workforce. ” Read More

Disease Management: Virtual Healthcare and Diabetes Management in Underserved  Populations – The Role of Telemedicine in Increasing Access to Diabetes Care

“The significant uptick in use of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to increase access to healthcare for Canadians living in rural or underserved areas, who face a significant shortage of healthcare personnel. For diabetes care, evidence suggests that telemedicine can successfully replace in-person visits for managing diabetes, particularly when coupled with diabetes management technologies such as continuous glucose monitoring devices.” Read More

Doctor on Call with Rick Siemens

“Pharmacists are often an under-acknowledged, yet essential, part of the healthcare system. In places where there is less access to healthcare, such as in rural or remote areas, or in areas where there are physician shortages, patients may come to rely on their local pharmacist for medical advice and care…” Read More