• Looking To China For Lessons Learned And Reasons For Optimism

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  • Meeting the mental health challenge: A positive ROI

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  • View from the Top: Jana Sobey, VP Merchandising, Sobeys Inc.

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Fostering Trust and Putting Employees First

“… leaders who shared their thoughts with us in 2019 … illustrate that Canadian businesses are not only keeping up with the times but may be ahead of the trends.”

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Home Office Blues

“Working from home got you down? Despite the multiple competing priorities and financial constraints facing Canadian businesses, there are now many ways to support employee...”

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On the Cutting Edge

“Jenn Diraddo is an HR professional, business owner, and mom who responds to the COVID-19 pandemic with empathy and gratitude. She understands that trying to juggle work obligations...”

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Here Comes the Sun

“Many Canadians are ready for an end to this long, cold, and uniquely lonely winter of physical distancing and working from home. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer among Canadians aged 19 – 49.”

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Winter 2019 Print Edition

Going Global at Work: The Winter 2019 covers, the backstory…

“Our cover shows the Hadhad family in front of the new factory…” Read More

Editorial – Welcoming newcomers: Growing the economy and strengthening communities by Jennifer Bond, Managing Director, University of Ottawa Refugee Hub:

“Workplaces can make important contributions to creating a diverse and welcoming…” Read More

View from the Top – Jana Sobey, VP Merchandising, Sobeys:

“Many newcomers bring products from their homeland and are associated with…” Read More

Bottom Line – Tareq Hadhad, Founder and CEO, Peace by Chocolate:

“We believe that a successful business has a social responsibility to lift others…" Read More

Disease Management – The eyes: Gateways to better health – Optometry

“… ensuring their employees have access to regular eye examinations…" Read More

Doctor on Call – Michael Nelson, OD, FAAO

“… Canadians may be unaware of the wealth of evidence to support…" Read More

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"While the leaders of the world meet in Paris and craft sweeping policy that affects the entire planet, let's remember that the most important changes usually happen close to home."
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Melanoma is the most common cancer for Canadians aged 15-49 and will, thus, impact many employees...
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