• View from the Top: Jana Sobey, VP Merchandising, Sobeys Inc.

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  • Going Global at Work: The Winter 2019 covers, the backstory...

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  • PROFILES in businesshealth® - tellent

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Editorial – Welcoming newcomers: Growing the economy and strengthening communities by Jennifer Bond, Managing Director, University of Ottawa Refugee Hub:

“Workplaces can make important contributions to creating a diverse and welcoming Canada.”

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Bottom Line – Peace by Chocolate: A global enterprise with a purpose in Antigonish with Tareq Hadhad, Founder and CEO, Peace by Chocolate:

“We believe that a successful business has a social responsibility to lift others – to give back.”

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Disease Management – The eyes: Gateways to better health – Optometry

“… ensuring their employees have access to regular eye examinations is a cost-effective path to a more productive workforce.”

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Doctor on Call - Michael Nelson, OD, FAAO

“… Canadians may be unaware of the wealth of evidence to support the relationship between good vision care and quality of life and productivity…”

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September 2019 e-news Edition

The flexible work advantage: Gen Flex
“For many, increased flexibility in the workplace is seen as a power shift…”  Read More

Millennials: Burnout vs meaningful work

“ …understanding burnout and attempting to address its causes can point to…” Read More

Workspace design: A factor in job satisfaction

“Employers who take their workspace seriously and consider how the work environment…” Read More

Disabilities at work: Disclose or not?

“Invisibility and with it, the desire to avoid disclosure should also be of concern…” Read More

PROFILES in businesshealth® – tellent

“… Over the last couple of years, I have seen a shift in flexible work options.” Read More

bh Updates

“Disabilities employment and mentoring • Mental illness—a first-person perspective • Cannabis again—this time, edibles” Read More

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"While the leaders of the world meet in Paris and craft sweeping policy that affects the entire planet, let's remember that the most important changes usually happen close to home."
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Melanoma is the most common cancer for Canadians aged 15-49 and will, thus, impact many employees...
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