May 2022

May 2022 e-news

In this issue of businesshealth®, we hear from employers who find success as they continue to adapt to new ways of working: An entrepreneur who saw an opportunity for an outdoor fitness business; a software company engaging a hybrid workforce; and a non-profit organization finding opportunities in the virtual space. We also explore the
benefits of rapid testing within the workplace, and finally, a leader in a unique role provides her insights on integrating indigenous and workplace culture.

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May 2022 / Vol. 17-4

Avanti Software’s Approach to Building and Maintaining a Healthy and Happy Distributed Workforce

“Avanti Software provides innovative workforce management products to Payroll and HR professionals across Canada. Though the company has been around for decades, it was acquired in 2016 and the leadership team has spent the last five and a half years working to make Avanti Software the type of place that people want to work. ” Read More

Farm Girl Fitness: Enabling Community, One Tractor Tire Flip at a Time Interview with Jessie Thomas, Owner of Farm Girl Fitness

“When you ask Jessie Thomas to talk about starting Farm Girl Fitness, her self-described “COVID business”, you’re taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as she chronicles pivot after pivot, trying to accommodate the revolving door of gym shutdowns and other COVID restrictions. ” Read More

Interview with David Long, CEO of Greater Vancouver Food Bank

“We are extremely proud to be a winner for the second consecutive year of these two prestigious awards. At the GVFB, we are committed to fostering an inspiring and supportive culture that represents our core values: Respect, Integrity, and Stewardship.” Read More

Rapid Testing Programs Help Keep Employees Safe In-Person

“As the world moves into year 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are thinking about what the future of their workforce looks like and opening the workplace up to employees is likely under consideration. ” Read More

Scotiabank Looks to Support the Advancement for Indigenous Peoples:  An interview with Richel Davies, Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusion – Advancement for Indigenous Peoples, Scotiabank

“My mom was a teacher who advocated for including Indigenous culture and language in the public education system, and she was also married to a Métis man. Being an Indigenous person myself, inclusive hiring and removing barriers in the recruitment process have always been close to my heart. ” Read More