Summer 2021

Summer 2021 e-news

In this issue of businesshealth®, we explore ways in which employers can adapt to a changing, post-pandemic environment. We cover two important health topics - Obesity and Dementia - and we revisit a story of Canadian entrepreneurship which has now been captured on the big screen.

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Summer 2021 / Vol. 17-1

Editorial: How Virtual Mentorship Can Prevent A “Turnover Tsunami"

“Christy Pettit, the CEO of Pollinate Networks, builds on her 25 years of experience in organizational transformation and growth to offer her insights on how businesses can best evolve in response to pandemic pressures, advances in technology and a growing thirst for flexibility.” Read More 

Employers And Working Parents Alike Wonder: Will Schools Be Open This Fall?

“For many working parents – and their employers – keeping schools open this year will be a key component of returning to pre-pandemic levels of productivity and stress. In this story, we share current research being done within Canada to understand the risks of COVID-19 transmission in schools and how vaccine hesitancy may play a role in whether schools are open this fall.” Read More

The 4 Pillars Of Obesity Treatment: Dr. On Call With Sean Wharton, MD PHD

“Dr. Sean Wharton has seen both improvements and declines among his patients over the course of the pandemic. He believes the main challenge faced by someone living with obesity – during a pandemic and not – is treating obesity as a chronic disease, supporting individuals with dignity and care, and leaving shame and blame tactics behind. Dr. Wharton explains how employers can do better. ” Read More

Through The Eyes Of An Employee With Dementia

“In this patient journey, two Canadians with dementia detail their experiences working with the disease – both the challenges and the opportunities. The ultimate goal for those diagnosed with dementia is to remain in the workplace for as long as possible and with dignity. Employers can support employees on this journey with compassion and honesty.” Read More

Bh Update: Peace By Chocolate

“The success story of Peace by Chocolate, which we shared in 2019, is now depicted in a feature film that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. The film beautifully depicts a story of immigrant success, entrepreneurship, and purpose driven business in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.” Read More