September 2018 e-news

September 2018 e-news

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September 2018 / Vol. 14-4

What high-tech reveals about open office space

Open work environments were introduced as the modern way to update work space and increase job satisfaction by promoting informal interactions and collaboration. Read More

The consequences of zero tolerance at work

Enforcing the “letter of the law,” while a positive policy from one perspective can also have unintended consequences that in the end, disadvantage the people the law was designed to help. Read More

PROFILES in businesshealth® – Credit Counselling of Atlantic Canada, Inc.

Financial concerns are a major source of stress for today’s employees. Ultimately, they are reflected in lost productivity and a less favourable bottom line for their organization. Read More

The role of work in the cancer experience

A cancer survivor has said that getting back to work after treatment was “just like taking a pill.” It was how she coped. Read More

Medical cannabis in Canada – At the frontier

Canadian employers can be forgiven if the current status of cannabis – or, more popularly, marijuana – is unclear. Read More

bh Updates

Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Best arthritis workplace, Cannabis – A new online resource, Diabetes – Time for a national strategy. Read More