July 2019 e-news

July 2019 e-news

Our July e-news welcomes the summer with a note of caution and a message on the importance of sun safety. We present a transformative approach to hiring that is changing the employment scene and confirm the importance of sustainability in drug benefits plans. Elsewhere, we consider mental health from two perspectives – cultural influences at home, especially in Asian communities, and at work. In our Profile, we look at a company that has been certified as a #1 workplace and recognized for its mental wellness initiatives. In our updates we revisit the ripple effect of innovation, learn that green energy costs are going down and introduce a new resource and a new movement in support of mental wellness at work.

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July 2019 / Vol. 15-3

Sun safety: The dark side of the sun

“Sun safety … is a major issue for employers…. The effects of over exposure often take years to develop and since treatment may continue over years, the impact on productivity can be significant.” Read More

Woo-Woo – A cultural perspective on mental illness

“Employers who wish to support employees experiencing mental health challenges need to consider not just what happens at work, but also cultural influences at home.” Read More

Biologics or biosimilars? A sustainability debate

“The issue at the heart of the debate is sustainability and patient choice. Drug benefit plans must be sustainable for employers, insurers and pharmaceutical companies while considering the health outcomes of patients.” Read More

A new approach to hiring – competencies, micro-credentialing and badges

“Still evolving, this new approach is poised to change how employers find new talent and how
applicants identify what they can do.” Read More

PROFILES in businesshealth® – Habanero Consulting Group

“… historically we provide tech solutions for the workplace but because of our focus on people, we have developed expertise in helping organizations understand their own culture.” Read More

bh Updates

The ripple effect of innovation • Green energy costs going down • New resources for mental wellness: Headway. Read More