August 2017 e-news

August 2017 e-news

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August 2017 / Vol. 13-4

Mental health at work – A CEO’s “absolutely perfect response”

The stigma of mental health in the workplace continues – even in 2017. Read More

“Always be hustlin” – Stress and workplace culture

What happens when your workplace culture reflects your goals but is ultimately unhealthy for your employees? Read More

Canada 150 – Forward to the future

Anniversaries are both occasions to look back and opportunities to consider the future. For Canadians, celebrations of Canada 150 come at a time when the future is open, especially the future of work. Read More

Sexual harassment – Inappropriate may not be enough

Are all forms of sexual harassment at work equal? Should they all be lumped together as “inappropriate”? Perhaps not. Read More

New workplace legislation – A framework for making a difference

Question: What do high heeled shoes, flexible working hours and minimum wages have in common? Answer: They have caught the attention of legislators in at least three Canadian provinces in the past few months. Read More

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Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Doctor sick notes, Psoriasis, Prostate cancer. Read More