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Educate your clients and build benefits value
businesshealth® is designed to support your benefits consulting expertise. It provides current, high-quality, and actionable content six times annually. Leading employers look beyond costs, and understand the real value of the benefits program in keeping employees healthy and productive.

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businesshealth® is a great way to differentiate your firm, and keep your clients loyal. Your company’s logo appears prominently on all six editions, and our print edition provides space to add a customized message that speaks powerfully to your client's needs and business goals.

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Hard to find something new to discuss with your clients? Get the “talking points” you need to encourage real dialogue and engagement with your clients. Establish your ‘healthy workplace’ credentials, show your expertise…and create new opportunities for your business.

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Many benefits firms set out to produce their own client newsletter. This means finding topics, locating experts, writing, designing, editing, publishing…and getting it out the door on time and on budget. And while your staff are busy writing an in-house newsletter, their true talents are not at work serving clients and generating business. These opportunity costs are significant, and more than a little distracting.

businesshealth® delivers high quality, high value, professionally produced information six times annually. Let us bring our capabilities, national networks, market knowledge, and economy of scale to help your business thrive. Contact Us today.