• Ingredients for Workforce Sustainability: Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment

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  • Experiences Through the Pandemic: Business and Social Responsibility

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  • Living with Dementia: New Realities for Canadians in the Workplace

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Employers And Working Parents Alike Wonder: Will Schools Be Open This Fall?

“For many working parents – and their employers – keeping schools open this year will be a key component of returning...

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The 4 Pillars Of Obesity Treatment: Dr. On Call With Sean Wharton, MD PHD

"Dr. Sean Wharton has seen both improvements and declines among his patients over the course of the pandemic..."

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Through The Eyes Of An Employee With Dementia

“In this patient journey, two Canadians with dementia detail their experiences working with the disease – both the challenges and the opportunities..."

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Bh Update: Peace By Chocolate

"The success story of Peace by Chocolate, which we shared in 2019, is now depicted in a feature film that premiered at the Tribeca..."

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A bh Editorial By Dr. Allison Watts

“Although unimaginable to many in Spring of 2020, businesses are still…” Read More

The Gender Gap: How Women in the Workforce are Being Impacted by COVID-19

" Tess Sloan and Alisha Adams are the founders of Eleven Eleven Talent Collective…” Read More 

View from the Top: Tabitha Osler, Fairechild

“Tabitha Osler is the Designer and Founder of Fairechild, a children’s…” Read More

The Bottom Line: Intergenerational Economics

“For this issue’s The Bottom Line, an economist from the University of Guelph…” Read More

Depression: An Individualized Journey To Health

“Many Canadians experience ups and downs in mood and intermittent days that include…” Read More

Doctor on Call with Dr. Diane McIntosh

Dr. Diane McIntosh, MD, FRCPC, is a Psychiatrist, clinical assistant professor… Read More

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"While the leaders of the world meet in Paris and craft sweeping policy that affects the entire planet, let's remember that the most important changes usually happen close to home."
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Melanoma is the most common cancer for Canadians aged 15-49 and will, thus, impact many employees...
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