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     Businesshealth® is a publication designed to provide group benefit consultants with valuable and relevant information intended to educate clients and employers. Our high value, actionable content is presented in six issues annually, each addressing current and relevant workplace health and wellness topics. 

  • Educate your clients and provide value 

Leverage our content to educate your clients on relevant workplace health and wellness topics. Subscribing to businesshealth® magazine ensures you and your clients will remain up to date on key health related topics impacting their workplace. 

  • Build your firm’s brand recognition

Differentiate your firm and keep your clients loyal with six personalized, branded editions of businesshealth® magazine. As a subscriber, your company’s logo will appear prominently on all publications – both digital and print. Build your firm’s brand recognition and give clients access to impactful information with your name on it. The print edition of businesshealth® also gives your firm the opportunity to add a customized message appealing to your client’s specific needs. 

  • Let’s get talking

Gain access to impactful talking points through businesshealth® that encourage real dialogue and engagement with your clients. Establish your expertise in workplace health and wellness, and create new opportunities for your business.

  • Get it done

Enjoy the benefits of a newsletter without the effort of creating your own. In-house newsletters can generate significant costs and distract your team from serving clients and generating business. Let us handle the content while you focus on the rest.

businesshealth® delivers high quality, high value, professionally produced information six times annually. Let us bring our capabilities, national networks, market knowledge, and economy of scale to help your business thrive. Contact Us today.