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Situated in Halifax and St. John’s, SBW Wealth Management & Employee Benefits, provde independent employee benefit consulting partnering with the major group benefits insurers and third party providers.

As independent brokers we focus on our client’s indvidual needs, providing impartial advice and personalized solutions.  Our standing in the benefits community and our flexibility enable us to bring cost containment measures and innovative solutions to our clients such as Flexible Benefits, Health Spending Accounts, ASO, Wellness programs and Pension options.

We know that everyone’s story is different – your story is different – and that’s why we take the time to bring a disciplined approach to helping you pursue meaningful goals.  So much of the Business Owners focus is required on their day-to-date business demands, that it’s easy to miss the full opportunity their business gives them.  SBW wants to make sure our client’s don’t miss any opportunities.

We can create a plan that’s tailored to you, that will meet your specific business needs and challenges, or a standard program designed to keep the plan affordable for both business owners and its employees.  We strive to help our clients with what’s important to them: to be aware of any financial risks and regulatory changes; create a benefits program to help attract and retain the right employees; control health care costs; have an easy to administer benefits system/program; and secure the best solutions.

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