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LifeScan Canada Ltd., a Johnson & Johnson company and the manufacturer of OneTouch® blood glucose monitoring products, is dedicated to creating a world without limits for people with diabetes. Through its industry-leading OneTouch® products and award winning customer support, LifeScan Canada provides comprehensive blood glucose monitoring systems tailored to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. 

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A focus on diabetes is fitting in this year of Canada 150 celebrations. The discovery and commercialization of insulin is one of Canada’s most important contributions to medicine. Although the discovery in 1921 changed the challenge from preventing death, to improving quality of life, almost 100 years later diabetes remains a complex disease that must be carefully managed. It remains, as well, the object of multiple investigations, not just for a cure (although surely that), but also for innovations that will improve management and treatment.

Maintaining the Levels

One of the key factors in the successful management of all types of diabetes is maintaining safe, stable blood glucose or sugar levels. That means patients must take frequent measurements, assess their significance, then adjust their behaviour accordingly. For example, they are likely to check their blood sugar on waking, before lunch and dinner, and before going to bed. They will also check at other times – if they are about to increase their activity levels or if they feel unwell. If they start perspiring and feel shaky, checking may reveal that their blood sugar is too low and they need food or juice. If they feel groggy or their vision is blurred, their blood sugar may be too high and they need more insulin.

Conventional Technology

Conventional “technology” for measuring blood glucose is basic, to say the least. After pricking their finger, patients deposit a drop of blood on a treated paper test strip and visually compare the result to a colour chart. They keep a record of their findings in a written log book and then, based on their reading of the results, use their judgement to adjust factors such as their insulin dose, food intake and activity level. When they remember, they take their log – such as it is – on their next visit to their health care professional.

The Patient Advantage

Innovative new blood glucose meters have changed all that. In combination with apps for smart phones and blue tooth technology, they streamline the process of analyzing trends and keeping comprehensive records, while almost instantly transmitting blood glucose results to health care professionals. Such technological solutions empower patients to take control of their diabetes and have been well-received. For example, Canada’s #1 diabetes mobile app, LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal,® has been downloaded by thousands of patients across the country.1 They are also welcomed by professionals who can more accurately detect long-term trends and make informed treatment decisions that improve patient health, and help prevent complications that can damage organs such as kidneys, eyes and nerves, and lead to heart disease.

The Workplace Advantage

It is in the interest of employers to maintain a healthy workforce and, where possible, be proactive by taking steps to prevent disease. Often, in today’s world, that means embracing technology and long-term value, even when there are short-term costs. It is important to ensure that benefit plans are up-to-date and provide coverage for innovations that have been shown to be more efficient and effective than the strategies they replace. In the case of devices that make use of mobile technology, employees need permission to use such equipment in the workplace. Employees with diabetes, for example, must be empowered to both monitor their diabetes and adjust responses to their findings as they need to. They may need to eat or have some juice at unconventional times or respond when their blood sugar spikes in the face of stress. The advantages for employers seem obvious – a healthier, more productive workforce translates into less absenteeism, lower costs, and a more positive workplace culture. bh

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