April 2020 e-news

April 2020 e-news

In this issue we look at key learnings in times of crisis, sharing first-hand practical advice for employers dealing with adversity, and providing ideas for creating a stronger, more resilient workplace environment. Most importantly perhaps, we turn to ground zero in the COVID-19 pandemic to see what happens when the dust settles and life, slowly but surely, gets back to normal.
These are unprecedented times and we hope that you and your family are well and staying safe. Fact based journalism matters now more than ever - Together we will get through this. 

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April 2020 / Vol. 16-1

Fostering Trust and Putting Employees First 

“Virtually all businesses and employees across Canada are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. High trust organizations tend to emerge quicker and stronger from crisis than other businesses.” Read More

Looking to China for Reasons for Optimism 

“What can we learn from employers who began to experience the COVID-19 crisis several months ahead of Canada?” Read More

Home Office Blues 

“Working from home got you down? Despite the multiple competing priorities and financial constraints facing Canadian businesses, there are now many ways to support employee mental health without putting the squeeze on the bottom line. ” Read More

On the Cutting Edge

“Jenn Diraddo is an HR professional, business owner, and mom who responds to the COVID-19 pandemic with empathy and gratitude. She understands that trying to juggle work obligations with parenting will require open communication between employers and employees. It is the key to maintaining strong workplace relationships during this crisis.” Read More

Here Comes the Sun

“Many Canadians are ready for an end to this long, cold, and uniquely lonely winter of physical distancing and working from home. Melanoma is the most common form of cancer among Canadians aged 19 – 49. Since most sun damage occurs before the age of 18, there is an opportunity for employers to demonstrate care for their employee’s families by providing education on sun health.” Read More