Advisory Board

We are proud to count the following experts among our advisors:

  • Dan Clow, Ph.D, Director, Policy, Advocacy & Alliance Development, GlaxoSmithKline
  • George Cuthbert, CA, ACMA, Chief Financial Officer (ret.), McNeil Consumer Products
  • Lorraine Johnson, BSc, MBA, Director, Business Development, Crosslinks Health Consulting Inc.
  • Suzanne Lepage, Private Health Plan Strategist, Suzanne Lepage Consulting
  • Veronica Marsden, President, Trifit Inc.
  • Alex Somos, Co-Founder, Juice Inc.
  • Jose Tolovi Neto, President, Great Place to Work Canada  
  • Allison Watts Ph.D, Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota
  • Ian McQueen, Partner, Matrix Healthcare Strategists Inc.
  • Mary-Lou MacDonald, President, IHBC