Spring 2019

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Spring 2019 / Vol. 15.2

Going Green at Work

Envisioning green energy at work requires more than the ability to imagine what will be; it also depends on awareness of what is. To help us literally “see” the achievements of Canadians in the green energy field, bh has turned to David Dodge and Green Energy Futures, a multi-media storytelling project, based in Alberta, that is documenting the clean energy revolution already underway across the country. With thanks to David, we bring you a selection of stories of green energy pioneers who are moving forward in their homes, businesses and communities.

  • Our Editorial provides more insight into David’s thoughts on green energy.
  • Elsewhere, we learn how Canadians are combining environmental stewardship and innovation in enterprises that are economically sound and oriented to the future.
  • We see how innovations in medicine are helping employees with rheumatoid arthritis lead fulfilling and more productive lives.
Wellness and Benefits

Innovation changes lives – new treatments reduce the burden of illness and increase productivity. Clean, renewable energy has health and wellness benefits for all. In addition to providing the tangible advantages of positive air quality, which can reduce absenteeism and claims for allergies and respiratory conditions, conversion to green energy is a point of pride for employees who appreciate working for an innovative organization that takes care of its people, the wider community and the environment. bh


Our covers, the backstory…

“In Edmonton, Alberta, almost every neighbourhood has a community league.”  Read More

Editorial – David Dodge, Host, Green Energy Futures – Right before our eyes “Alternative Energy” is being rebranded as “Business as Usual”

“At Green Energy Futures, we focus on solutions instead of problems. …we showcase inspiring people deploying innovative projects and technologies across Canada.”  Read More

View from the Top – Carl Denis, CEO, CDR Systems, Calgary, AB

“I want to project the image of a company that is deeply rooted in innovation and solar is an example of how we do that.” Read More

The Bottom Line – Green Energy in Action

“Our examples … highlight the many forms of green energy – solar, wind and geothermal – and illustrate why management of today’s complex energy grids requires computing power and the sophistication of AI.” Read More

Disease Management – Rheumatoid arthritis: Treatment changes lives

“… it is important to be educated about rheumatoid arthritis (RA), recognize its symptoms and take immediate action.” Read More

Doctor on Call – Arthur Lau, BSc. MSc., MD, FRCP(C) – Rheumatoid arthritis

“Ensure that benefits plans provide rapid access to appropriate therapies, including both drugs, such as biologics, and other supports like physiotherapy, massage, splints and orthotics.” Read More