September 2019 e-news

September 2019 e-news

In this issue, we focus on strategies for retaining a productive workforce in changing times. Flexibility is key and with it, a willingness to understand and respond to the needs of individual employees. We see that in the new workplace, trust is fundamental to flexible work arrangements. By addressing individual needs, employers enhance employee wellbeing and have a positive effect on mental health. In our Profile, we learn about a company dedicated to matching employers and employees looking for flexibility. In our updates, we return to cannabis issues, revisit initiatives to support workers with disabilities and get another glimpse into the lives of people with mental illness.

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September 2019 / Vol. 15-4

The flexible work advantage: Gen Flex

“Companies that implement flexible policies and manage their workforce appropriately are rewarded with higher morale, lower rates of turnover, higher productivity and a positive public image.” Read More

Millennials: Burnout vs meaningful work

“ …understanding burnout and attempting to address its causes can point to action that will both alleviate employee distress and increase productivity.” Read More

Workspace design: A factor in job satisfaction

“Employers who take their workspace seriously and consider how the work environment affects job satisfaction have a powerful tool for influencing how their employees perform.” Read More

Disabilities at work: Disclose or not?

“Invisibility and with it, the desire to avoid disclosure should also be of concern to employers because they can’t provide appropriate accommodations if they do not know an employee has a disability.” Read More

PROFILES in businesshealth® – tellent

“… Over the last couple of years, I have seen a shift in flexible work options. No longer a perk or “nice to have” they have become base line or a deal breaker, especially for experienced women.”  Read More

bh Updates

Disabilities employment and mentoring • Mental illness—a first-person perspective • Cannabis again—this time, edibles. Read More