July 2018 e-news

July 2018 e-news

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July 2018 / Vol. 14-3

Sun safety at work

Sun safety is a workplace issue. In addition to sunbathers at the beach or a tanning salon, people on the job outdoors are at risk from sun exposure. Read More

Yoga – A cost-saving workplace strategy

What does a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India have to do with today’s workplace? Read More

PROFILES in businesshealth® – Climax Media

Founded in 2006, Climax Media is a full service digital agency with a focus on covering the entire digital ecosystem, employing 50+ digital professionals. Read More

Pain: A workplace challenge

What is pain and why is it a workplace challenge? Pain is a challenge because it is multifaceted and difficult to define. Read More

More training, less diversity?

Starbucks made international headlines for the treatment of two black men in a Philadelphia outlet in April. Read More

bh Updates

Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Cannabis / Marijuanna on the job again, Brands – Lessons from Tim Hortons, Skin cancer and social media. Read More