January 2019 e-news

January 2019 e-news

This e-news focuses on work and workers in rapidly changing times. We look at turnover, return to work and workspace for today’s “anywhere workers.” We consider climate change from a business perspective and a warning that it’s “code blue” for our environment. Our updates lead off with a reminder that the calendar has turned, and it is again time for Bell Let’s Talk.

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January 2019 / Vol. 14-6

Employees ready to quit? Alarm bells in 2018

On the employment front, 2018 turned out to be a year of alarm bells, closing with survey findings that nearly three quarters of respondents were either looking for work. Read More

Disability Management: Half of the story

In an era of low unemployment, when employers are focused on attracting and retaining workers, effective disability management is of increasing importance. Read More

Return to Work: The other half of the story

Return to work can be a complex process. What if an employee refuses to cooperate by providing sufficient medical information? What if the position is safety sensitive? What is the difference between reasonable accommodation and perfect accommodation? Read More

“Anywhere workers”: Workspace in the age of technology

“When is a workspace a hotel and when is a hotel a workspace?” The answer is, “More often than you think.” Read More

Climate change: What does it mean for employers?

It has been called “the defining issue of our time” and yet, for many in business, concerns about climate change have taken second place to their own bottom line. Read More

bh Updates

Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Bell Let’s Talk Day: Milestones on January 30, Workplace trends – Have they come true?, MeToo etc. – Employment law in 2018, The facts about cannabis. Read More