February 2020 e-news

February 2020 e-news

In this issue we close 2019 and welcome 2020. We discover from our Profiles that Canadian organizations realized the prediction that 2019 would be “the year of the employee” and help employers continue to focus on employee wellbeing by highlighting key twenty-first century issues, like opioid use and hearing loss, both hidden threats to productivity. We explore new Canadian reports on entrepreneurship and mental health at work and leave you with the thought that conversation and chocolate can help.

February 2020 / Vol. 15-6

2019: Profiles in Review

“… leaders who shared their thoughts with us in 2019 … illustrate that Canadian businesses are not only keeping up with the times but may be ahead of the trends.” Read More

Opioid use: A hidden workplace tragedy

“Recent research provides new statistics on overdose deaths and, for the first time, reveals the staggering financial cost of lost labour productivity arising from Canada’s opioid epidemic.”  Read More

Listen up! Can you hear me? 

“… workers are vulnerable when hearing protection is not required or used. Without knowing it, employers may be providing a work environment that is contributing to the hearing loss of their employees.”   Read More

Entrepreneurship: Key to Canada’s economy 

“Research is shedding light on what it means to be an entrepreneur – today and in the future. Findings point to strategies for reducing challenges, including challenges that effect mental health and workplace skills.” Read More

Meeting the mental health challenge: A positive ROI

“Given that mental health accounts for at least 70% of workplace disability costs in Canada, implementing effective workplace programs must be a key priority for employers.” Read More

bh Updates – February 2020

Going Green at Work Revisited • #MeToo – Workplace Misconduct. Read More