August 2020 e-News

August/September 2020 e-news

In this edition of businesshealth® we continue to explore the multiple ways that COVID-19 is affecting our lives. We look at the experience of frontline workers treating the disease, we try to gain a greater understanding about health conditions that increase the risk of exposure, infection, and complication, and we provide insights into how issues of diversity and inclusion force us all to look inward at our own beliefs and business practices during this crisis.

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August/September 2020 / Vol. 16-3

Doctor on the Front Lines with Dr. Michael Szava-Kovats

“A personal and professional story of a Calgary emergency room doctor treating COVID-19 patients, managing a grueling workload and experiencing the threat of exposure as a new dad.” Read More

COVID-15: Body Weight and COVID-19 Risk

“The constellation of high stress, anxiety, eating too much, and moving too little during the pandemic puts people at risk for weight gain. And concerningly, new research suggests that weight plays a role in our body’s ability to fight COVID-19. With rising rates of obesity a major public health concern in Canada, what can employers do?” Read More

It’s a Virtual World: Harnessing Technology to Enhance Type 1 Diabetes Care

“– Individuals with Type 1 diabetes are at increased risk of COVID-19 complications, yet frequent medical visits to manage their disease puts them at increased risk of contracting the virus. Harnessing new technologies and virtual care prove to be invaluable in successful management of the disease during the pandemic – and may be here to stay. ” Read More

Busting Unconscious Bias

“The attitudes and judgments about certain groups of people that form outside of our awareness and simultaneously don’t match up with our stated values are unconscious biases that marginalize groups of people – people of colour, indigenous people, women, and LGBTQ for example. Learning about unconscious biases can contribute to real transformation in workplace diversity and inclusion practices.” Read More

Bh Update: Habanero Responds to the Pandemic with Agility

“A Great Place to Work company in Vancouver pivots to provide valuable insights to businesses about how their employees are coping with the pandemic and new ways of working.” Read More