April 2019 e-news

April 2019 e-news

Our current e-news highlights two themes – workplace trends and mental health. We look at how basic skills training can reverse negative trends and discover how you can assess support for mental health in your organization. Through a twitter feed, you will find out how it feels to have ADHD and, in our Profile, you will get a rare glimpse into the real-life impact of suicide on the workplace. Our updates explore views on business issues, introduce a new resource on depression treatment, and celebrate the one-year anniversary of our Profile feature.

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April 2019 / Vol. 15-1

A global perspective on workplace trends for 2019

“Technology has taken its place as an agent of change throughout the work experience, making way for a new emphasis on human skills, collaboration and attention to individual needs.” Read More

Reversing trends: Literacy and basic skills training

“… in an era of workplace change… Canadian workers lack the ability to succeed. Literacy and basic skills training has been found to be a cost-effective strategy for addressing both workforce and skills shortages. Trends can be reversed.” Read More

Taking the lead on mental health at work 

“Employers who take the lead and reach out for information … and resources … find they are not alone…. [they] have tools to normalize discussions of mental health, spread the word … and defeat the power of stigma.” Read More

ADHD at work: “We need you to understand…”

“I believe that I usually work, in terms of what I'm able to accomplish, at 25 percent of my capacity. What I have in my head does not get reflected in my activity in day to day life.” Read More

PROFILES – Sklar Wilton & Associates

“… a rare candid look at what happens when mental illness threatens the heart of an organization and what can be achieved when that organization determines to create something positive from profound loss.” Read More

bh Updates

• Barometer on business • Cupanion – One year later • Depression: A new treatment resource. Read More