Winter 2012-13

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Winter 2012-13 vol. 8-5

Building A Culture Of Innovation.

At businesshealth, our goal is to provide reliable, insightful information about workplace health and performance issues. We want to help create healthy, successful and profi table businesses.

Our guest editorial focuses on innovation and business success. It shows how to foster a culture of innovation using tools such as Innovation in a Box,™ a five step program to help managers and frontline employees resolve day-to-day issues or discover the next big idea.
Look inside to read about an entrepreneur whose dissatisfaction with his young son’s food at daycare eight years ago, led to a successful business that now employs close to 80 people who share core values and are dedicated to connecting people to real food and building healthy eating habits.
Get an insider’s perspective on the #3 organization on the 2012 Great Place to Work Institute® list of Canada’s Best Workplaces. Learn how it achieved success by moving forward from a place of vision and purpose, and redefining traditional business.
Hear from a clinician with valuable insights into signs of employee depression. Discover steps employers can take to foster a mentally healthy workplace. Get details about an innovative new program called Mental Health M.A.P. (My Action Plan), a free, confidential on-line resource to help employees and their family members recover from mood disorders.
At businesshealth, we will start our ninth year of publication in January. We invite you to take full advantage of past issues. Follow the links at to a substantial bank of articles on workplace health. Simply, visit your advisor’s businesshealth micro-website and enter a subject in the ‘Search’ box. You will be impressed with the breadth, depth and quality of the information available. 
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In This Issue

Can innovation be taught? - Rick is the co-founder of Floworks Training, as well as a Designer and Innovation Practice Leader at Juice Inc., based in Guelph, Ontario. Rick has been an educator and trainer since 1985, working with Fortune 500 corporations and hundreds of smaller companies, designing and facilitating experiential training programs. Rick has developed the Innovation in a Box™ training program and is writing and illustrating a Graphic Innovation Guide. Read More »
Real Food for Real Kids - In 2004, David Farnell founded Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK). With his wife, Lulu Cohen-Farnell, he turned frustration with available food options – especially for children – into a growing and award winning food service business that connects children and families to real food and healthy eating. David is a strong advocate for local food economies and a tireless defender of a workplace culture built on shared core values. Read More »
Creating a Thriving Workplace - Habanero has a simple yet lofty purpose – to help people and organizations thrive. It achieves that purpose by creating world class employee and customer portal solutions, and by retaining highly engaged employees. Habanero Consulting Group is an IT company with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and soon in Toronto. It was started in 1996 by two professional engineers who wanted to establish a company where they would be excited to work. Today, Habanero has more than 80 employees. It is a privately held partnership that has resisted rapid growth strategies or outside investment in order to maintain high employee and customer engagement. Read More »
Mood Disorders in the Workplace - With more than 500,000 Canadians absent from work every day due to a mental illness, seven forward-thinking companies and a government ministry have joined with the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario (MDAO) to create a groundbreaking online tool to offer support and education at home and in the workplace. Called Mental Health: My Action Plan (M.A.P.), it is the first of its kind in Canada, offering a free one stop support resource. Read More »
Interview with Lawrence Martin M.D. - Dr. Lawrence Martin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University. Dr. Martin has held a variety of clinical administrative roles including Assistant Chief of Psychiatry at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario, where he is currently Clinical Director of St Joseph’s Regional Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program. Read More »
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