Winter 05/06

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Winter 05/06 vol. 1-5

The Mind of the Consume

View from the Top
Brian Taylor, Liberty Linehaul

Bottom Line
Higher Learning at the University of Calgary

Doctor On Call
Dr. Arya M. Sharma, FRCPC Professor, Faculty of Medicine, McMaster University, and Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Obesity Research and Management

Disease Management

In This Issue

Brian Taylor, CEO and owner, Liberty Linehaul - Located in Cambridge, Ontario, Liberty Linehaul, "Canada’s Elite Fleet", began operations in 1987 with four trucks and twelve employees. Read More »
Dr. Arya M. Sharma - Obesity most often has its origins in lifestyle – diet and exercise – but so do many other conditions like heart disease and various cancers. Read More »
Higher Learning at the University of Calgary - Blount Canada, Guelph, ON, now employs almost 900 people manufacturing high quality chainsaw equipment for export worldwide. Read More »
Obesity - Is obesity the new smoking? It seems everywhere we turn, there is cause for worry, because the facts are stark and the message blunt. Most of us, and our kids, need to drop some weight to live better and longer. Read More »
The Mind of the Consumer - It would be great to know "two-thirds of everything", as David Foot wrote in his 1990s best-selling book. Alas, there is very little hard information available to guide plan sponsors in their interactions and decisions related to benefit plans and member needs. Read More »
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