Summer 2013

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Summer 2013 vol. 9-3

Creating a Culture of Wellness

Workplace wellness is not a new idea, but one that is gaining strength as employers realize that to reduce anticipated dramatic increases in drug plan spending, they need to integrate wellness into the culture of their organization. According to the 2013 Sanofi Canada Health Survey, 91% of sponsors stated they should do more in the area of prevention, not treatment. 

In our guest editorial on the rewards of workplace wellness, Tri Fit’s Veronica Mardsen makes it clear that mitigating the costs of current and future disease and disability is not the only benefit that flows from a culture of wellness. New employees look for organizations where people enjoy working with each other. Workplace wellness initiatives can help organizations become great workplaces – building camaraderie and pride. 

Award-winning organizations know that intentional efforts to increase workplace wellness can make great places to work even better. In The Bottom Line, we learn how BiM, a multiple award winning BC company, transformed its varied, independent wellness activities into an integrated program that will sustain workplace wellness into the future. 

View From the Top showcases a successful organization that helps others become stronger and give back to the community. While TGLN is achieving its goal to maximize organ and tissue donation in Ontario, its innovative workplace registration program is both increasing donor registrations and giving employers opportunities to build their “brand” and instill pride in their workplace. 

Finally, undetected conditions can negatively impact productivity and family life. We see how undiagnosed adult ADHD and ADHD in the family impact the workplace and learn how a culture of wellness can lead to supports and accommodations that strengthen individuals, families and the bottom line. 

In This Issue

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Back in Motion - The key to our wellness program – what makes it unique – is that it is run by staff. Everything that happens, happens at the grass roots level. Empowering staff in this way requires a high level of trust in people. Read More »
Things you need to know about ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common condition associated with broad functional impairment among both children and adults and can have a negative impact on both family and work life. Read More »
Adult ADHD in the Workplace - Adult ADHD is often unrecognized or underestimated as a workplace issue, even though approximately 4% of Canadians between 20 and 59 years of age have ADHD. Read More »
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