Summer 2005

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Summer 2005 vol. 1-3

Testing the Waters - A National Pool for High-Cost Drug Claims

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Kimberley Hogan, Christie Canada
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Turn Up Your Heart Drives Better Health at DaimlerChrysler
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Erhard W. Busse, MD, FRCP(C) Psychiatrist and Medical Advisor for ATF Canada Inc.
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Kimberley Hogan, Christie Canada - Q: Kimberley, when did you begin your workplace health initiative and what was your motivation? It began in February 2000 after Electrohome was purchased by Ushio, a Japanese company, and became Christie Canada. We wanted to be different, to create a new external brand but also a new internal brand to demonstrate to employees that "Christie Cares". Our wellness program is part of this strategy, and remains a key factor in attracting and retaining great employees. Read More »
Mental Health - What is Mental Illness? The 9th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD9) category called "Mental Disorders" includes psychoses, such as schizophrenia, with neurotic disorders, such as depression. Alcohol- and drug-related issues are also included. Read More »
Testing the Waters – A National Pool for High-Cost Drug Claims - There’s always lots of news in the prescription drug marketplace, whether in product, program design, or government policy. But for thirty years, employers and insurers have been focused on just the basics – cost control, clean transactions, and employee satisfaction through high quality plans. While still important, those motivations are ‘yesterday’, and private payers have to be seen as big fish ready to swim in the big pool. Read More »
Erhard W. Busse, MD - A Better Model for Mental Health Claim Management During my early training in psychiatry, the general framework for organizing knowledge and understanding complexity came from General Systems Theory. This allowed medicine, and especially psychiatry, to escape the confinement of linear causality. Briefly, General Systems Theory looks at the complex interaction of multiple factors in creating a certain outcome, such as medical disability. This multi-dimensional framework creates two distinct advantages: Read More »
Turn Up Your Heart Drives Better Health at DaimlerChrysler - The Rationale This is certainly not news – controlling health care costs is perhaps the major competitive challenge for North American automakers. A document prepared by General Motors (GM), Ford and DaimlerChrysler (DC) in the US shows the cost of medical benefits tipped the scale at an average US$1,275 per vehicle and about US$4,600 per worker. This year, GM will spend a staggering US$5.6 billion on health services for 150,000 active and 460,000 retired employees. Read More »
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