Spring / Summer 06

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Spring / Summer 06 vol. 2-2
The Question of Incentive
View from the Top
Kevin Huckle, Kodiak Group Holdings Inc.
Bottom Line
A Look at Nova Scotia's HealthWorks Program: Building Bridges
Doctor On Call
Dr. Hyman Tannenbaum Associate Professor, McGill University Medical School, and Director of the Rheumatic Disease Centre of Montreal.
Disease Management

In This Issue

Dr. Hyman Tannenbaum - Arthritis can severely affect ability to work, and the activities of daily living...and not just for older Canadians. Most patients are “resourceful and motivated”, but need timely access to specialist care.  Read More »
Kevin Huckle, Kodiak Group Holdings Inc. - Kodiak brand footwear has been a Canadian icon for fifty years, but since 2000, all its manufacturing had been done in Asia. Last Fall, with the acquisition of Terra Footwear, Kodiak was able to move about one-third of its production back to Canada, to two small-town plants Read More »
The Question of Incentive - The number of employers with workplace health programs and services is still less than 50%. Financial incentives might encourage more employers to get on board, either through the tax system, or through Workers’ Compensation (see The Bottom Line this issue). Read More »
A Look at Nova Scotia’s HealthWorks - What happens when you mix the initiative of a well-known patient advocacy group, with federal money, a determined provincial government, several supporting organizations, and a long-term view? Read More »
Arthritis - Arthritis is too often thought of as a disease that strictly affects older Canadians, and those with a lifetime of wear and tear on their joints. However, arthritis acts through different mechanisms, and there are other characteristics, causes, co-existing conditions, and various treatments. Read More »
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