Spring 2017

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Spring 2017 vol. 13-2

Innovating Through Technology 

As we celebrate our 150th Anniversary, Canadians are heading into a future that will be transformed by technology. Already, our workplaces and the health of our employees reflect the great advances of the past century and a half. As we enter a new era, change will come more rapidly. We will be challenged to build and realize new visions in almost every area of endeavor – from how we do business to how we care for our health. 

  • Our Editorial urges a holistic approach to benefits in an age of rapid innovation.
  • We learn successful companies adopt the right technologies at the right time and discover the importance of labs for incubating new ideas.
  • We find out how new technologies transform the management of diseases like diabetes, preventing complications and improving health and productivity.

Technology and Benefits

The coming changes will require us to cast fresh eyes on workplace benefits and create a new vision in response to innovations and future circumstances – new specialty medications that lead to debates over cost containment and long term value, new ways of organizing work in a gig economy, and new ways of defining tasks and healthcare needs in an era of robotics and an aging workforce. bh

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."
Edward Teller 


In This Issue

Benefits: A Holistic Approach in an Age of Rapid Innovation bh - “… in an era of rapid innovation, should we be using a conventional lens? Should the paradigm shift … should the debate move from containing costs to increasing value?” Read More »
Interview with Keith Liu, SVP of Products and Innovation, Klick Health bh - “… successful companies tend to be great at adopting the right technologies in an appropriate context and at the right time.”  Read More »
The JLABS Story: Getting “There” from Here bh - “… with new technologies, all companies can … seize opportunities to become more innovative, encourage entrepreneurship, and provide the resources and support … to incubate new ideas …”  Read More »
Innovations in Medical Technology – Diabetes bh - “… taking steps to prevent disease … means embracing technology and long-term value, even when there are short term costs.”  Read More »
Lori Berard, RN, CDE – Diabetes bh - “Access to technology has been demonstrated to improve diabetes management and thereby improve employee health and productivity.”  Read More »
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