Spring 2015

businesshealth® newsletter
Spring 2015 vol. 11-2

Empowering Women to Lead

In this issue, businesshealth® spotlights women in the workplace. In particular, we explore the role of women as leaders and their potential for reaching the top. 

Our editorial sets the tone - women have a capacity
for relational development which contributes to their leadership style. 

We hear from women who are successful leaders and from companies whose policies and actions make them
best places for women to work.

We learn about a chronic disease that challenges employers in distinctive ways but is only one of many that can
suddenly derail careers and raise unexpected barriers to advancement and productivity, especially for women. 

Women and Benefits 

As people managers and leaders with responsibility for performance and productively you have an important role to play in supporting and encouraging women in the workplace. So often, we learned that what made the difference for women were their benefits - maternity/ paternity leave, flexible work schedules and accommodations when illness strikes for employees who are ill and for those with caregiving responsibilities. 

In This Issue

Leadership: The P's & Q's of X's & Y's - The story of humankind is riddled with tests of ingenuity, resilience and compassion. It chronicles the actions of leaders, and the rise and fall of the organizations in which they serve. A multitude of forces have always been at play, colliding to challenge the best of businesses. Read More »
Interview with Veronica Marsden, BA, BSc, Co-President, Tri Fit & Sue Pridham, BA, MA, Co-President, Tri Fit - Veronica Marsden and Sue Pridham are outstanding in many respects. They are women leaders who have received national and international attention for their contributions to the field of fitness and workplace wellness. Read More »
Empowering women to lead What winning organizations do .... - Not so long ago, “first” women leadership stories made the news. Today ... not so much. Women have achieved leadership roles and many who are already leaders are networking to encourage others and ensure future opportunities for a new generation of women on their way up.  Read More »
Leadership When Chronic Illness Strikes - Inevitably, descriptions of women’s strengths in the workplace include characteristics like their relational leadership style and their tendency to be empathetic and flexible. These strengths also make women good caregivers, not just of children, but increasingly, of adult family members and other loved ones. Read More »
Dr. Peter Anglin, Doctor on Call...Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia - Dr. Anglin discusses Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), it's effects, treatments and it's impact on patients still in the workforce. Read More »
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