Spring 2008

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Spring 2008 vol. 4-1
Pushing Drug Plans
View from the Top
Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Bottom Line
Starting and Sustaining a Healthy Workplace
Doctor On Call
Disability Management
Disease Management
Managing Return to Work


In This Issue

Dr. Errol Ferguson - Dr. Ferguson reflects on almost 40 years of working as a physician, and the important differences in perspectives between private practice doctors and their colleagues in disability management. Read More »
Managing Return to Work - Much has been written about disability management, but little has changed. In private disability insurance, so-called "mental/nervous" claims, mostly depression, have become the prime cause of long-term disability. For Workers' Compensation plans, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common claim and, Ontario accounts for over 40% of all lost-time claims and claim costs, and half of all lost-time days. Read More »
Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - In 2006, about 1,000 people died on the job in Canada, including 331 in Ontario. Mr. Mahoney spoke about The Road to Zero, a very important new campaign for the WSIB. "Zero" means no deaths and no injuries, a bold and ambitious vision. Read More »
Pushing Drug Plans - A slate of singular though important changes affecting drug plans has occurred across Canada in recent months. Three older brand-name drugs have replaced their formerly low-cost generic competitors in both public and private plans. Read More »
Starting and Sustaining a Healthy Workplace - To assure success and longevity, any healthy workplace strategy must align with business objectives. But more Canadian organizations need to invest the time in careful planning and internal communication to meet this fundamental tenet. Three corporate examples of good starts and sustained efforts are shared. Read More »
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