Spring 2005

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Spring 2005 vol. 1-2
Issue At A Glance
  • Lower Co-pays…Lower Drug Costs?
  • Learning from GM's Worksite Diabetes Program
  • Insurance and Genetic Testing
  • Best Practices in Return to Work
  • A Convincing Case for Healthy Workplaces


In This Issue

A Convincing Case for Healthy Workplaces - This report presents a compelling and very readable rationale for investing in healthy workplaces. It effectively melds occupational health, lifestyle habits, and issues related to the organization of work and the workplace. Read More »
Best Practices in Return to Work - The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) is a research organization funded primarily by the Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board; it is af?liated with four universities. The IWH focuses on injury prevention and management, and recently completed a comprehensive review of published, peer-reviewed evidence related to return to work (RTW).   Read More »
Insurance and Genetic Testing - Genetic testing is now available on the internet for breast cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, cystic fibrosis, and other conditions. Insurers and consumers alike worry genetic knowledge can be used for anti-selection, or to unreasonably deny or rate coverage. Read More »
Learning from GM's Worksite Diabetes Program - Diabetes is a common chronic disease, with serious, and mostly preventable, consequences. Over 2004, five partners worked together to test the effects of a worksite program at General Motors’ Oshawa site. Read More »
Lower Co-Pays…Lower Drug Costs? - Normally, employers wanting to reduce their plan costs increase premium or claim co-pays to employees. Fine for cost control, but what if more affordable treatments make plan members healthier and more productive? Read More »
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