September 2010

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September 2010 vol. 6-3

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An Imperfect Storm – Systems issues frustrate return to work - Many smaller firms have just a few employees who have ever become disabled and qualified for Workers’ Compensation or long-term disability payments. Limited experience makes it easy for employers to assume their employees are treated well and fairly by insurers, and indeed, most claims are resolved quickly and correctly. However, a small percentage of disability claims run much longer than expected. A recent study conducted and analyzed 69 in-depth interviews with a mix of Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claimants and providers. Read More »
CMA weighs in on health transformation - The Canadian Medical Association has issued the latest in its contributions to encourage public discussion about our health services. Read More »
The 13th Annual sanofi-aventis Healthcare Survey - The survey is the national barometer of employee attitudes and perceptions of health benefit plans and the Canadian healthcare system. Read More »
Update: More changes in public drug programs - As expected, recent changes to the Ontario Public Drug programs have triggered change in other provinces, and soon right across Canada. Read More »
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