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October 2012 vol. 8-4

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Are you getting enough – Sleep that Is? - There is a clear link between sleep – or the lack of it – and performance. A number of recent media stories have focused on sleep and insomnia. In August, Maclean’s included a piece on “the secret to a good night’s sleep”1 and, in a lead up to the Summer Olympics in London, the Globe and Mail reported on sleep disorders among athletes.2 So important is the relationship between quality sleep and performance, that Own the Podium engaged Calgary doctor, Charles Samuels, to head a major sleep research project in 2004 in advance of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Athletes were screened for sleep disorders and plans were developed to “minimize the effects of jet lag, including detailed breakdown of flight schedules, when to sleep and where they should stay.” 3 Read More »
Diabetes –Treatment with a Twist - Diabesity is a growing epidemic but what is it? Diabesity is a combination of obesity and diabetes described by Dr Alain Sotto at a 2011 Pathways symposium in Toronto as a concern for all North American society.1 As medical director at Ontario Power Generation, and a champion of workplace health programming, Dr Sotto also knows that diabesity results in significant and rising costs for Canadian employers. Why? Read More »
Workplace Health & Profitability - What’s fun got to do with it? - In these uncertain economic times, fun can play a major role in the workplace. For Sue Pridham, president of Tri Fit Inc., “injecting fun into the work environment will go a long way to helping employees lighten the load, reduce stress, be active, and promote healthy relationships.”1 At Tri Fit, a two-time award winner as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces (Tri Fit moved up from # 44 in 2011 to #6 in 2012!!) Sue and her team at Tri Fit understand what it takes to be an energized and highly functioning workplace and see the connection between workplace culture and business success. Many of the examples she cites in her April article in Pensions and Benefits Monitor illustrate how successful organizations have used a fun approach to increase employee engagement and camaraderie – important traits of great workplaces. Read More »
Workplace Asserts Role - 2012 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey - How do Canada’s workers view their benefit plans? In an era when tough negotiations are leading to frozen or reduced wages, or when benefits are being cut or scaled back, it is important to get the facts about corporate benefit plans and to see more clearly whether benefits are an expense – as some see them – or an investment that is not only good for employees, but a win for employers and their bottom line. Read More »
M.A.P. - Road to Recovery - “People who experience mental health issues face incredible challenges in the workplace. Many are misunderstood, shunned and underutilized. In a world where shortages of critical skills are top of mind for many organizations, employers cannot afford to allow this situation to continue.”  Read More »
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