March / April 2014

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March / April 2014 vol. 10-2

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Doctor Sick Notes – Yes or No? - “Sick workers of the world, stay home. And don’t worry about getting a doctor’s note.” That’s a quote in the Toronto Star from Dr Scott Wooder, president of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), who called for an end to the workplace practice of requiring a doctor’s note from employees who have been absent for as little as one day. Wooder, who says that he gets an average of two requests a day from patients. Read More »
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Workplace Mental Health – The National Standard One Year Later - Every week in Canada, 500,000 people miss work due to a mental problem or illness. At $51 billion, mental illness is the biggest, growing cost to Canadian business. So says Louise Bradley, president of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). Mental health is thus both a public health issue and a major economic issue. To help, in January 2013, the MHCC championed the launch of the world’s first National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Read More »
Sustainable Growth and Innovation: The IMS Brogan Private Drug Plan Forecast - The evidence for 2013-2017 is in – “growth in overall private drug plan costs will be sustainable and there is room for innovative new therapies to support a healthy and productive workplace.” Since more than 20 million Canadians rely on private drug plans that is good news. It is especially good news for employers concerned about the sustainability of their drug plans in the face of challenges from an aging workforce, the introduction of new drugs, a changing economic environment and other potential cost pressures. Read More »
Arthritis and the Power of Movement - What is the Power of Movement? We all know the health benefits associated with being active but for people with arthritis – like the 4.6 million sufferers in Canada – the phrase “Power of Movement” has special meaning as the name given to Canada’s largest yoga fundraiser on behalf of the Arthritis Research Foundation. Designed to raise awareness as well as money, the Power of Movement has been a national event since 2009, with AbbVie as its National Founding Partner and now over a dozen other partners and sponsors.  Read More »
The Skills Challenge – Upskilling the Workplace for a Competitive Edge - The Canadian Chamber of Commerce predicts that skills shortages will threaten future economic growth in Canada. In its 2014 report on the Top Ten Barriers to Competitiveness the Chamber identifies skills shortages as the #1 barrier. Although the report says the shortage is caused in part by social biases and education policy at the entry level, it also points out that “a lack of essential skills is also holding back many existing employees who could become more productive through training.” Barriers for employers seeking to provide such training include cost, time and human resource capacity. Read More »
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