June / July 2012

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June / July 2012 vol. 8-3

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Mental Health – Good Guidance for Employers - “The psychological health of Canadian workers and workplaces is critical to productivity, sustainability and well-being.” So begins the letter from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) to Canadian employers. Read More »
Recessions are good news for work injury rates - Recessions are generally not good news for employers, workers, or governments, but there is a silver lining for Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) claims. Rates of work injury (claims per hours worked) tend to decline in recessions and increase as the economy strengthens. Read More »
Veggies are good…but vegging, not so much! - If you think you’re not as active as you should or would like to be, you’re in the clear…the clear majority. About 85% of Canadian adults don’t meet the guideline of 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigourous physical activity. That costs us personally in shortened life span, a higher risk of several chronic diseases, and reduced quality of life. It also costs the nation in avoidable health care services. Read More »
The CLHIA Explores Prescription Drugs - In March 2012, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. sponsored a round table discussion on prescription drugs in collaboration with McMaster University’s Centre for Health Evaluation and Policy Analysis. A similar event will be convened later this year in Western Canada. The session brought together several experts from the private payer community, provincial drug plans, pharmacy, and academics to discuss the current system of drug insurance, its sustainability, coverage gaps, actions, and interest in collaboration. Read More »
Making it personal – How about an extra 7½ years? - Despite our fascination with any health issue that affects the workplace here at businesshealth, we imagine that some readers could, occasionally, possibly, consider some articles to be not so personally, uh, compelling. We now have something for you! Read More »
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