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June 2015 vol. 11-3

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When the elephant in the room is blue - Reducing the stigma of mental illness - What does an elephant in the room - more specifically a blue elephant - have to do with a Canadian workplace? Not much, if your mind is now wandering to a far-off jungle, but plenty, if you are aware of a current campaign to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, including in the workplace. You and your organization can help the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) raise awareness by getting your own blue elephants, but first, here are a few facts about the campaign. Read More »
Concussion in the workplace - not just an issue for the NHL - It's in the news again - the family of another athlete who suffered brain trauma and died too young is taking a major sports league to court. This time, its the family of Steve Montador suing the National Hockey League (NHL). Sad to say, concussion or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a workplace issue that extends far beyond sports arenas, not just because head injuries can occur anywhere at any time, but also because wherever they occur, they impact what happens at work. For that reason, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation's Guidelines for Concussion include a module with advice for employers on "Return-To-Activity/Work/School Considerations."  Read More »
Weed at work - Legally, that is - The status of weed at work is in flux. New federal laws for access to medical marijuana are being challenged in the courts, physicians have new powers to prescribe, insurers and plan sponsors are under pressure to extend coverage, and employers can no longer rely on zero tolerance policies to keep weed out of the workplace. Numbers tell the tale. From legalization of access in 2001 to the present, the number of users of medical marijuana has grown to 40,000 with projected growth to almost half a million in 10 years, as the pace of change accelerates. Read More »
Trends in workplace wellness - Benchmarks for plan sponsors - What are the trends in workplace wellness initiatives? To find out and identify benchmarks for plan sponsors, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans surveyed types of wellness offerings available to employees in organizations in Canada and the United States. Read More »
Hepatitis C - Hope for a NOW curable disease - Chances are someone who works for you or with you has Hep C - especially if you work with boomers. Worldwide, an estimated 170 million people have Hep C. In Canada it is thought that at least 250,000 are infected, although they may not know it. The disease can begin silently and stay that way for several years. And yet, in time, the consequences of having untreated Hep C can be dramatic and dire - liver failure, cirrhosis, cancer and, ultimately, death. Except that NOW there is a cure.  Read More »
bh Updates - Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Skin cancer selfies: The ugly truth, Organ donation - Good news about transplants, and Obscenities in the street: Consequences at work. Read More »
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