January / February 2012

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January / February 2012 vol. 8-1

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Considering the Full Cost of Absence - Absence is undoubtedly a large, if largely unmeasured, cost to employers. But absence is just one of many drains on productivity, which would include the cost of disability programs, overtime, replacement workers, workers’ compensation, and of course presenteeism. Read More »
Evolving to a Healthy Organization - Healthy workplaces have evolved. Narrowly conceived as employee fitness in the 1970s, the concept grew to include disease management, and then stress and mental health. Organizational dimensions were added next, like leadership and culture, but it was still all about health.  Read More »
Targeting Drug Adherence - Canadians expect our provincial health plans to provide a safety net against the high cost of health care. Most of us also benefit from employer sponsored drug plans. But despite forty years of Medicare, important gaps in care still exist. For example, over 3 million Canadians are going without necessary drugs due to cost. Read More »
Advertising Junk Food to Kids - About 17% of Canadian children and youth aged 6 and older are overweight; nine percent more are obese. The issue has been linked to child-targeted advertising of foods high in calories, fat, sugar, or sodium. Those unhealthy youth are already spilling into our workplaces. A new article examined the psychological intentions and effects of junk food advertising to American children and youth, and the legal issues regarding controls. Since we share markets, see those same ads, and have similar public health issues, this topic is also relevant to Canadian families, and the food industry here. Read More »
Are PBMs Ahead or Behind Employers? - Recently, Express Scripts Canada (ESC) made interesting and potentially important announcements about introducing mail order drug delivery and opening its own pharmacy. Mike Sullivan of Cubic Health was quick to respond and posed some very important questions for employers. First, what incentives will be necessary to drive mail pharmacy use? Second, what cost savings might be expected? Finally, how will the ESC services be ‘new and improved’ over current mail options? Read More »
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