January 2009

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January 2009 vol. 5-1
Issue At A Glance
  • Bad Bosses and Broken Hearts
  • Insight on Incentives
  • Disability Benefits – Challenging the Status Quo
  • Generic Drugs Generate Challenge
  • Drug Plan Management – Dancing in the Dark

In This Issue

Drug Plan Management – Dancing in the Dark - A new review of published Canadian literature suggests drug plan managers tend to rely on intuition and aim for financial expediency. That’s because there are few studies that carefully document cost or utilization, and even less that examine medical outcomes. No research has assessed patient satisfaction, quality of life, or functional status. Read More »
Generic Drugs Generate Challenge - The federal Competition Bureau released a study in 2007 that stated Canadian generic drug prices were high relative to other countries. Read More »
Insight on Incentives - An American survey of 500 large corporations looked at the use of incentives and disincentives to affect employee health decisions. The first key finding was that incentives were “widespread”. Over half of respondents targeted outcomes, two-thirds (65%) aimed at behaviour change, and over 80% rewarded participation. Read More »
Bad Bosses and Broken Hearts - You may have jokingly said at some point that your boss was going to give you a heart attack. Turns out, that could be true. A new Swedish study suggests that managers who score better on standardized leadership testing are associated with a lower risk of heart disease among their employees. Read More »
Disability Benefits – Challenging the Status Quo - Many employers provide income protection plans for absence, short term disability (STD), and long term disability (LTD). A 2007 paper reports about half of Canadian employees have access to LTD. In 2001, 166,000 LTD benefit recipients received $4.5 billion in payments. Read More »
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