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Body scans: Fearmongering or life-saving prevention? - Body scans are controversial. In December 2015, for example, they were called "fearmongering at its very worst." That response by Dr. Charles Webb, president of Doctors BC, was prompted by what are described as "thousands of yellow flyers" that were distributed in South Surrey and White Rock with the message: "Early Warning ... A BODY SCAN Can Save your Life!"  Read More »
Publicly Funded IVF - A Significant Milestone in Ontario - Would-be parents in Ontario have reason to celebrate. As of December 21, 2016, publically funded in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is available in 50 clinics across the province. With a cap of $50 million, it is estimated that 5,000 families will benefit. The funding of IVF is not without controversy.  Read More »
Extended Parental Leave – Help or Hindrance? - Parental leave caught the spotlight in 2015. It was featured in Canada’s prolonged election campaign and was a topic of debate on a wider front, thanks to new books in both Canada and the US. Commentary inspired by these developments extended discussion to issues such as the work/life balance, the relative importance of paternity leave and the broader implications of the current situation in which employers are missing out on valuable hours of productivity while society pays a staggeringly high price for not recognizing the value of care.  Read More »
bh Feature Interview! Depression at Work - Part III: Recovery - Returning to work successfully doesn't just happen. It is the result of planning and effective communication among all stakeholders. It is crucially important for both employees and employers.  Read More »
PTSD - Groundbreaking Help in Manitoba - As of January 1, 2016, Manitoba became the first province in Canada to offer compensation benefits for PTSD to all insured workers without requiring that they first prove that the trauma they suffer was directly caused at work. This legislation breaks ground because coverage is not limited to first responders and because the onus is now on the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to prove their PTSD did NOT occur at work. Read More »
bh Updates - Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Hepatitis C Cure Costly, Hire Immigrants Read More »
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