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February 2015 vol. 11-1

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Optimism and Heart Health: More than a Valentine - February is Valentine’s month. Valentine’s Day on the 14th is associated with gifts – roses, chocolates, cards, good deeds for those we love. What better association for health care providers than to link Valentine’s month with heart health and make February Heart Month. The imagery is perfect: hearts and flowers, happiness and health. Except that it is now more than imagery. Researchers at the University of Illinois have shown for certain that optimists, people who look forward to positive experiences, do have better cardiovascular health! Read More »
Still Alice – Living in the Moment with Dementia at Work - “Live in the moment” – that’s the advice of Dr Alice Howland as she slips into dementia at the end of the trailer to the award-winning movie, Still Alice. Sadly, it’s not just Alice who is slipping away. In workplaces throughout the country, countless employees are struggling to stay focused on the moment. Statistics show that over 500,000 Canadians have dementia and more will fall prey to the disease in future.1 Increasingly, employers and co-workers will be challenged to help people with dementia experience their moments as fully as possible and contribute to society for as long as possible. What has been called, “productive aging,” acquires particular urgency in an era when forecasters predict demographics will cause the workforce to shrink, and when that shrinkage will come not only from smaller numbers but also from the reduced capacity of those who are present. Read More »
An Hour to Spare? Employer Supported Volunteers - Volunteering is simple, right? You just show up at a not-for-profit organization and lend a hand. Wrong. Matching your skills and the needs of others takes careful consideration and time. In fact, it might seem that finding time to volunteer is one of the biggest barriers to increased volunteerism. And yet, research shows that a majority of volunteers are also employed. It also shows that employers are a significant factor in volunteerism in Canada. In a study reported in 2009, 14-25% of Canadian companies had some kind of volunteering policy, 27% of volunteers received some kind of support from their employers, and people who received employer support volunteered more. Read More »
Hiring Immigrants: A Clear Case - Employment numbers tell a confusing story. We have heard through 2014 that unemployment in Canada has been relatively low and the country is facing a future scarcity of workers. In fact, we have begun to import “temporary” workers to help fill our needs. At the same time, however, we learn that unemployment – and under employment – is high and getting higher among immigrant populations. What is the reason? Why are employers passing up a rich pool of often highly qualified workers who could boost their productivity and their bottom line?  Read More »
The Power of NOGWOG and Abilities at Work - What does NOGWOG have to do with abilities or, for that matter, disabilities at work? And what, by the way is NOGWOG? More about that shortly. For now, consider how abilities are regarded in the workplace and give thought to the importance of Canadian Business SenseAbility, a new national venture launched in the 2013. Then, think about the role of local initiatives, like Ability First in London, Ontario. Each of these organizations aims to make businesses more inclusive, and help them see beyond misguided links between “disability” and such factors as increased benefit costs and absenteeism. They want employers to recognize the advantages of looking at ability differently, and eliminating the barriers between “you” and “me” and seeing only “us.” Read More »
bh Updates - Get the latest bh article updates. In this Issue: Supporting employees as Caregivers, Phase II Results of the SALVEO Study on Mental Health, The Engagement Paradox and Domestic Violence: A Workplace Issue Read More »
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