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Fall / Winter 2009 vol. 5-4
Employers and Drug Policy
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Helder Botelho, AOC Resins and Coatings Co.
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Toronto East General Hospital
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The High Cost of Poor Sleep, with Dr. Charles Morin
Disease Management
Just can't get enough sleep?


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Just can’t get enough sleep? Uh oh. - Like the weather, everyone complains about the sleep they get: not enough. Sleep is defined as “a state marked by reduced consciousness, diminished activity in skeletal muscles, and depressed metabolism.” It consists of four observable “nonrapid eye movement” (NREM) stages, plus REM – the stage where dreaming occurs. It has been suggested that one of the NREM stages (SWS, “slow wave sleep”, the deepest stage) is particularly important for the consolidation of memory. Read More »
The High Cost of Poor Sleep - Dr. Morin co-authored a recent study documenting the economic burden of insomnia that suggests employers are bearing a large chunk of those costs through absence and reduced productivity. Of a $6.6 billion total cost estimate for Quebec alone, insomnia-related productivity losses were calculated as $5.0 billion. Read More »
Toronto East General Hospital: “Dreaming, Believing, Achieving” - Eighty years young, the Toronto East General Hospital has been exceptionally well recognized both within and outside the hospital community for its many accomplishments. Strong leadership, purpose, and partnership with its insurer and others have enabled it to do things most other cash-strapped hospitals could not.  Read More »
Employers and Drug Policy - I’ve been privileged to be part of the insurer-led discussion group working with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as they review the provincial Drug Benefit Plans (ODBP). After effectively inviting myself through a last minute plea to consider the needs of small and mid-sized employers, I attended meetings in July and August. Also present were several insurers and the Canadian Life and Health Insurers Association, pharmacy benefit managers, a couple of large employers, and a handful of consultants representing very large employers. In short, this was a very well-informed and senior group representing the interests of the private payer community. Read More »
Interview with Helder Botelho - AOC supplies resins, gel coats, colourants and additives for composites and cast polymers. Its Canadian plant in Guelph employs 79 people and supplies resins to several industries, all hard hit by the recession. Looking long term, the company has not laid anyone off, and hours have been only slightly reduced overall. Read More »
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