Fall / Winter 2006

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Fall / Winter 2006 vol. 2-3
What, me worry?
View from the Top
Jay Myers, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Bottom Line
Protecting Your Interests
Doctor On Call
Dr. David McKeown, City of Toronto Public Health
Disease Management
Thoughts On A Pandemic

In This Issue

Dr. David McKeown - The City of Toronto is among the best-prepared jurisdictions in Canada for a pandemic, a caution bred from its deadly, expensive, and seriously disruptive exposure to SARS in 2003. Read More »
Jay Myers, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters - The scope of potential pandemic impacts is huge, with very important human, financial, social and trade consequences. Read More »
Protecting Your Interests - Organizations must decide how much time, energy and resources should be allocated to pandemic planning. Under "Pros" for planning, the unique form, speed and breadth of infection is remarkable, as is the mortality so far. Read More »
What, me worry? - An influenza pandemic will most likely hit Canada quickly and wreak havoc. Very few businesses have written a pandemic plan despite the likelihood of both high risk and high impact Read More »
Thoughts on a Pandemic - 1. "Our model predicts that a mild pandemic would reduce annual GDP [Gross Domestic Product] growth by 2 percentage points from what it would otherwise be. Read More »
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