Fall 2016

businesshealth® newsletter
Fall 2016 vol. 12-5

Building a Culture of Ability

Ability involves more than a person. It is a combination of individual talents and skills, and the environment in which they are expressed. Where there is a ramp, a person in a wheel chair has the ability to enter. In this issue of businesshealth®, we discover many ways in which people with “disabilities” can be enabled at work and learn of the extraordinary value of inclusion in today’s world:  

  • Our Editorial introduces tools for building a strong, inclusive workplace.   
  • We see how businesses thrive when they embrace inclusion and seek to make both a profit and a difference in the lives of others.  
  • We learn how dramatic advances in treatment can eliminate traditional forms of physical disability and discover that many of the most challenging disabilities are also invisible.  

Benefits Create Ability
Unexpectedly, perhaps, workers with disabilities often use fewer workplace benefits, such as sick days, and inspire co-workers to take less time off and be happier and more productive at work. At the same time, necessary medical benefits can create ability. New pharmaceuticals that prevent disease progression allow people with formerly disabling conditions to contribute successfully at work. With a shift of focus, workplace accommodations and benefits become investments that build value and enhance the bottom line. bh

“I choose not to place “DIS”,in my ability.”
Robert M. Hensel

In This Issue

A Strong Workforce is Inclusive of All Abilities - We all want a job we love, where we are adequately paid for our work and rewarded with the satisfaction of being a respected member of a team.  Read More »
Interview with Mark Wafer, President Megleen, Tim Hortons, Toronto - Mark Wafer is a Tim Hortons franchised owner with six locations in Toronto. He is an inclusive employer and has hired more than 130 people with disabilities over the past 21 years.  Read More »
Making a Difference: Inclusion, Innovation, Opportunity … Success - Profiles of Two Inclusive Companies - Meticulon Consulting & Project Services and Dolphin Digital Technologies Inc. share their thoughts on building more inclusive business environments Read More »
Multiple Sclerosis: The Mystery of Invisible Disabilities - Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a special workplace challenge. Its disease pathway is unpredictable and the effects we cannot see often require the most sensitive accommodations. Read More »
Dr. Melanie Ursell, Multiple Sclerosis - Dr. Melanie Ursell, Consulting Neurologist, South Muskoka Medical Centre, Bracebridge, Ontario; Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Read More »
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