Fall 2015

businesshealth® newsletter
Fall 2015 vol. 11-5

Building Teams at Work

Effective teams are built by putting people first, encouraging conversation, camaraderie, and collaboration. In this issue of businesshealth® we see that team building can increase wellness on many levels:  

Our Editorial lays the foundation - relationships are built through one-on-one conversations that stimulate the brain and energize employees. 

We showcase leadership in an organization where teamwork is essential and “People Care” helps employees succeed. We also see how a retail enterprise thrives when team work is a core value, “part of everything we do.”

Finally, we learn that health care teams that approach employees as individuals may have a major impact on preventing - and even reversing - chronic illness and its effects at work.  

Team Building and Benefits

Building teams is more than an organizational strategy. As a core value that influences everything that happens at work, it has the power to affect employee wellness and productivity. One-on-one conversations energize employees. Team loyalty and mutual respect  help reduce sick leave to levels below the national average. Research is ongoing into the effects of using health care teams, rather than isolated supports, to increase wellness and reduce the cost of chronic illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes. bh 

In This Issue

Beyond Engagement: Energizing People at Work - Businesses face a troubling trend: employees who are engaged, but not energized. These people may be loyal, committed to the cause, and take pains to get things done—but they are exhausted. Low on energy, they cannot access their “executive function”: that very important part of the brain that allows us to connect the dots, focus attention amidst massive multiple distractions, regulate our emotions in tension-filled situations, predict outcomes, and make smart decisions.  Read More »
Interview with Reg Robinson, Managing Principal, Solvera Solutions - Reg Robinson is Managing Principal of Solvera Solutions, an IT and business consulting company in Western Canada with a focus on collaboration and team work. As the architect of Solvera’s People Care strategies and chief custodian of the company culture, Reg has instilled his core philosophy of treating people like people across all aspects of the business. The company’s consistent demonstration of concern for the individual has resulted in a highly engaged and talented workforce, strong client relationships and impressive business results. Read More »
Teamwork - An Essential Core Value - H&M is a global fashion company. It was founded in Sweden in 1947 by Erling Persson as a single store selling women’s clothing and now offers clothing for everyone in multiple locations around the world, including Canada. Wherever H&M operates, daily business activities are guided by shared values that include teamwork, along with respect for each individual and their ability to show initiative. To find out more about teamwork as a value, as a support to individuals, and as a guide to what happens in the workplace, bh put some questions to H&M Canada: Read More »
The Team Approach to Type 2 Diabetes: What Research Can Tell Us - Type 2 diabetes in the workplace is clearly a problem - the number of cases is growing and costs are rising. Addressing the problem requires new knowledge and a new way of thinking - a new direction that focuses more on a team approach and leads to more outcomes-focused, cost effective solutions. Read More »
Type 2 Diabetes - Dr Alain Sotto is an occupational physician who focuses on the prevention and management of illness, injury or disability that is related to the workplace. He currently has a particular focus on type 2 diabetes and is a member of the Advisory Council to AstraZeneca’s new workplace health management approach and research initiative, motivaction™. Read More »
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