Fall 2014

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Fall 2014 vol. 10-4

Looking Beyond Borders

At businesshealth we look for successful companies that model success for others and - just as important - inspire others to dream big, work hard and achieve their own success. In previous issues, we have focused on building cultures of

innovation,wellness and community. In this issue, we look beyond borders to see how achievements at home can be leveraged into success abroad and new growth and prosperity in Canada. 

Our theme is set in our guest editorial which stresses the importance of finding opportunities beyond Canada’s borders. Businesses are urged to create closer ties with current trading partners and build new ones with emerging global players, in part by mobilizing Canada’s diverse immigrant talent and tapping into their global networks. 

In View from the Top, we hear of the importance of global markets from a relatively new business leader whose message confirms the importance of taking advantage of opportunities outside Canada and for whom the keys to success include reaching individual consumers, and partnering with local people who say they can help. 

Our Bottom Line highlights three companies, identified as success stories by Export Development Canada (EDC). Each was started by a person with an idea, and from small beginnings each now has a significant international presence that is translating into rewards at home. Their advice to others includes to become familiar with the business climate abroad, and look within your organization for people who understand and know your target countries. 

Our Disease Management and Doctor on Call features focus on inflammatory
disease, especially ulcerative colitis, and remind us that disease knows no borders. We highlight “Perspectives - Art, Inflammation and Me,” a unique
Abbvie initiative that has resulted in an art gallery of works by artists around
the world, a novel way to understand the universality of the patient experience.

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In This Issue

How To Get SMEs Exporting - Allan O’Dette, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce: “... identifying new opportunities for growth is extremely important. Increasingly, these opportunities are present in new and emerging economies.”  Read More »
Interview with Richard Bergman, BCom, LLB, Founder and President, Titan Building Products Inc. - Founder & President, Titan Building Products Inc.: “Once you have local success, it makes sense to expand your customer base around the world.”  Read More »
Canadian Success Stories ... Competing with the World’s Best - HoneyBar Products International Inc., LED Roadway Lighting Ltd and Layfield Canada Inc.: “Every day, small, medium and large Canadian enterprises compete with the world’s best - making a difference in every industry.”  Read More »
Beyond Borders ... Perspectives on Inflammatory Disease - Perspectives on Inflammatory Disease: “Immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMIDs) respect no borders. Worldwide, they take a personal toll on sufferers and their families and place huge burdens on society, including the workplace.”  Read More »
Dr. James Gregor, Doctor on Call...Ulcerative Colitis - Ulcerative Colitis: “Evidence suggests that when patients experience psychological stress, their disease worsens. Patients need understanding and support at work.”  Read More »
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