Fall 2011

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Fall 2011 vol. 7-4

With elections happening in four provinces across Canada this fall, it seems an appropriate time to ask if elections should matter to employers. In our editorial, you are asked to consider some of the facts and figures regarding what portion of healthcare costs plan sponsors bear as well as hearing the voice of benefit plan members and what they say about the government’s role in rewarding workplaces that promote worksite health initiatives.

The voice of accountants is strongly represented in this edition. You will read about a national accounting firm – and a four-time Best Workplaces winner – whose CEO sees a direct correlation between strong financial performance and how individual business units score in engagement. There’s an interesting blend of tradition and innovation at work as the firm adapts to economies, communities, and employee needs.

You will also hear the voice of a CFO of a private chemical company that has been recognized in each of the past three years as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces. The company has been profitable every year since  it started operation in 1961, through several turbulent economies.  As a company that invests heavily in its people (90th percentile of group benefits) management believes this investment is returned in productivity, low turnover (less than 2%) and their ability to attract and keep the best people.

You will also learn about skin cancer and how melanoma is one of the most lethal cancers, but also one of the most treatable if detected early. Better still to prevent it, so you will hear from a cancer specialist about the importance of being aware of the ABC’s of detection, and using the appropriate sun protection.

We hope you are taking full advantage of the resources available at businesshealth.ca. As we prepare for our eighth year of publication, there exists a substantial bank of articles and interviews on workplace health subjects. Visit your benefit advisor’s businesshealth micro-website and type in a subject in the ‘Search’ box. We think you’ll be surprised and delighted with the breadth and depth of the information available.

In This Issue

Interview with Ross Clark, BA, CA, MTS, ICD.D. - L.V. Lomas is a distributor of industrial and fine chemicals. They have 216 employees located in four locations around Toronto, and additional sites in Vancouver and Montreal. Sales totaled $250 million in their latest fiscal year. Read More »
The Skinny on Skin Cancer - Probably because of our cooler and often cloudier climate - especially on weekends! - Canadians don’t pay as much attention to skin cancers as we should. Read More »
Two sides of the same coin: A great client experience depends on a great workplace culture - Grant Thornton LLP has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute for the past four years. Focused on being a bold and positive leader in its chosen markets, the accounting and advisory firm is committed to its core values of collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect and responsibility Read More »
Dr. D. Scott Ernst, MD, FRCPC - Dr. Ernst speaks to the importance of early detection and prevention in dealing with an increasing incidence of skin cancer and melanoma in Canada. He refers to sun behaviour as being a key driver of this trend and notes that skin cancer and melanoma need not be feared if caught and treated early.  Read More »
Employers and Elections - Canadians in four provinces and one territory face elections in October. While voting is an act of citizenship for individuals, many organizations seek to understand and sometimes influence issues that are important to them as well. But for most employers, health hardly ever makes the A-list of mission-critical policy and program issues.  Read More »
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