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Prostate Cancer: The Odds are Better than Winning a Lottery - #YesToPSA - Sad to say, a man is more likely to believe he will win a lottery than be diagnosed with prostate cancer. And yet, while lottery odds range in the millions, one in eight men in Canada and in the US, one in six, will get the diagnosis. The good news is that of ten men diagnosed, seven will have treatable cancer that will not return.  Read More »
SALVEO Study Targets Workplace Mental Health - Mental health is expensive. Over next 30 years, the Mental Health Commission of Canada conservatively forecasts that the overall cost of mental health to the Canadian economy will rise to $2.5 trillion. Mental health issues lead to absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover - all of which reduce productivity and affect the bottom line. Read More »
Domestic Violence: A Workplace Issue for Everyone - What do the NFL'S Ray Rice, CBC's Gian Ghomeshi and comedian Bill Cosby have in common? Not much until you consider the headlines in late 2014. Then, you will be aware that they have each been accused of some form of partner abuse and, in each case, their private actions are affecting their professional lives. In other words, what they may have done in their personal world is impacting their employment situation and challenging their employers to respond.  Read More »
Supporting Employees as Caregivers: Preparing for Change - In 2012, nearly 6.1 million employed Canadians – or 35% of Canada’s workforce – provided care to a family member or friend. This care is expensive.The Conference Board of Canada estimates caregivers who take time off, or quit, because of their personal responsibilities cost employers $1.28-billion in production annually. In future, these costs can only rise, as the workforce ages. Already, employers have told the government they need more information: they need to be able to identify best practices and carry out cost-benefit analyses on practices that are right for them and their organizations.  Read More »
From Ice Buckets to Research: A Crazy Idea that Pays Dividends - Who'd'a' thunk it ? Grown people - often celebrities - deliberately dumping a pail of ice water over their head and posting pictures of the event for all to see! Such is the craziness of 2014. Except that it is not as crazy an activity as might first appear. Certainly, it is no crazier than hours-long dancethons, rubber duck races or pie eating contests. They are all silly things that can raise money for good causes and help build workplace morale.  Read More »
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