December 2007

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December 2007 vol. 3-5
Issue At A Glance
  • Hitting the Big Time
  • Canadian Study on Work and Stress
  • The Issues of Aging
  • Intention to Vaccinate
  • Rethinking the Work Relationship


In This Issue

Hitting the Big Time - You know that the need for healthy workplaces has reached a certain state of maturity when PricewaterhouseCoopers and the World Economic Forum get involved. Read More »
Intention to Vaccinate - If you have a pre-adolescent or teenage daughter, you may be unsure whether to vaccinate your child with the new vaccine for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The current vaccine will prevent about 70% of all cases. Read More »
Re-thinking the Work Relationship - While other surveys report high levels of job satisfaction, a new study says less than 20% of Canadian workers describe themselves as highly engaged. This group is twice as likely as those who are moderately engaged (63% vs. 30%) to say they have no plans to leave the company. The moderates are "considerably" less likely to help achieve company goals. Read More »
The Issues of Aging - A new US study begins with the startling fact that 43% of those in the workforce between 2004 and 2012 will be eligible to retire over the next ten years. The American population is on average somewhat younger than Canada’s, so one could imagine that our issues may hit as hard and as soon. Read More »
Canadian Study on Work and Stress - Most companies’ experience with mental health issues at work is, well, depressing. There are many reasons – complexity, ignorance, stigma, poor diagnosis and treatment are chief among them. However, depression impairs productivity by affecting absence, disability rates and costs, and creating presenteeism for those who remain at work. Depression is the leading cause of long-term disability. New research uses data collected on 24,324 employed individuals in the 2002 Canadian Community Health Survey who were interviewed and screened for symptoms of major depression. Read More »
More Skinny on Skin Cancer - Cancer is a workplace issue and is a leading cause of disability. It directly affects employees and their performance at work and impacts their families, the community and society as a whole. That's why when a new and promising treatment appears, it is good news, not just for individual patients, but also for their employers, fellow employees and others in their environment.  Read More »
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