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Autumn 2007 vol. 3-4
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The Xerox Email Journey To "Take Back The Hour"
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Cervical Cancer: Progress and Progression


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Cervical Cancer: Progress or Progression - Of the 200 different kinds of cancer, cervical cancer is relatively rare. In 2007, it is expected that there will be about 1,350 new cases, and 390 deaths in Canada. While the causes are not often known, it has been estimated that about half of all cancers could be prevented with better lifestyles - diet, exercise, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol intake and exposure to the sun. Most cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed between ages 40 and 59. Read More »
Dr. Nancy Durand, FRCS, Gynaecologist - The first vaccine for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) was released a year ago. In coming years, the targeted population will expand to include older women and boys. Federal funding of $300 million will have limited impact. Read More »
Share the Wealth - Graham Lowe, one of our Advisory Board members, is well known as one of Canada's foremost experts on the workplace. Through the Canadian Policy Research Networks (, Dr. Lowe has just published a major study, 21st Century Job Quality: Achieving What Canadians Want. Read More »
The Xerox Email Journey to "Take Back the Hour" - Have you ever been copied on an email that has no relevance to you? How many times have you started to "just check your emails" and caught yourself two hours later, way off track from your plan for the day? Email overload is just one of the many reasons that work is encroaching on life. Christina Cavanagh, author of "Managing Your Email: Thinking Outside the Inbox", says that on average, Canadians work an extra hour each day just getting through their inboxes. This work is often not acknowledged, and is increasingly done after hours. Read More »
Debbie Samsom, CEO, Back In Motion Rehab Inc. - Back in Motion Rehab is an exemplary company, finishing first in almost all categories ranked in the 2007 Best Workplaces list. They live their values, and attribute this standing to a consistent focus on their people, on respect and communication. Read More »
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