August / September 2009

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August / September 2009 vol. 5-3
Issue At A Glance
  • The Latest on Generic Biologics
  • Let's Get It Together
  • Ontario: Bill 102, Part 2
  • Health Impacts Productivity
  • Lessons from US Health Reform Efforts


In This Issue

Let’s Get It Together - What’s “it”? The Canadian Council on Integrated Healthcare (CCIH) defines “it” as “equitable and reasonable access [to prescription drugs] without undue financial hardship for all Canadians”. Despite our national wealth, there remain significant gaps in drug coverage. Read More »
Ontario: Bill 102, Part 2 - The Ontario government introduced big changes in its drug procurement systems and cost structure when Bill 102 was proclaimed as the Transparent Drug System for Patients Act in 2006. It has now served warning on all drug manufacturers, pharmacy, drug distributors, and private payers that more changes are needed, and will come very quickly. Fortunately, consultation is occurring. Read More »
The Latest on Generic Biologics - Following the first biologic drug approval in 1982, over 250 have been approved in the US. Between 2003 and 2006, they accounted for 24% of all new chemical entities. Several will come off patent in Canada over the next few years; some patents have already expired. The market impact of these changes is not clear.Health Canada approved the first Subsequent Entry Biologic (SEB) in April 2009. Read More »
Health Impacts Productivity - A new American study concludes that employers must measure and manage absence and presenteeism because they have such a significant effect on total health costs.  Read More »
Lessons from US Health Reform Efforts - As the United States struggles again with reforming its health system, the non-partisan Commonwealth Fund has suggested a way to pay for change. Administration of American public and private health insurance is the most expensive anywhere - an estimated 7.5% of all health expenditures in 2005, versus 4.2% in Canada, 3.3% in the UK, and just 1.9% in Finland. Read More »
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